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Angadi veeranna jain temple

11th Century Jain Temple of BairanPalli, Telangana.The temple locally known as Angadi Veeranna gudi is a Jain Temple.

Angadi Veeranna gudi Jain Temple:

According to a stone inscription setup in front of the temple, during the period of Chalukya King Tribhuvanamalladeva (Vikramaditya VI) of Kalyani dynasty, Biramaraddy, a Dandanayaka of Bhuvanagiri and two Karanams of Bekkallu had installed the Jaina image (on Chalukya Vikrama – 32, Sarvadhari Samvatsara Vaishaka, Shuddha Panchami – Bruhastathi varam = 1108 AD) and donated Mango garden as well as lands for repairs of temple and feeding of the ascetics.
The temple which is facing east consists of Garbhagruha, Antarala, Mukhamandpa and Ardha – Mandapa. The doorjambs of the mukhamantapa are carved with poornaghatas on either side at the base showing the architectural style of those times. A Jain thirthankhara flanked by two nymphs on either side to him is carved on the lintel. An image of Gajalakshmi is also carved on the doorframes. Full blown lotuses are also carved on the ceilings of mukhamandapa and in the Garbhagriha . This temple has been constructed with attention to detail and shows the skill of the workers in those times.

How to reach
Bairanpalli village is located nearly 70 km towards west from the District head quarters of Warangal. It is accessible by road.
Special Note:
Can we do something to conserve or save such abandoned places in the Telangana or Andhra region? Or can we pressurize local admins or govt to take steps to conserve these places?
After-all this is a question of our culture, heritage and glory.